hist-games: New Historic Tarot Game site

Michael and Susan McKay seaan at concentric.net
Sun Oct 5 20:22:33 PDT 2003

There is a new website concentrating on early Tarot games.  Here is the
opening paragraph from the web site (http://www.trionfi.com).

> The main object at the beginning of Trionfi.com was my own theory
> about a 5x14-Trionfi-deck in the early stage of development of the
> Tarocchi, later called the Tarot. The theory is presented still in
> fragmentarious form under the point about the Pierpont-Morgan-Bergamo
> deck, 5x14 (above). A lot of other points have gathered in the
> meantime, more than I've dreamt of in the beginning of the site some
> monthes ago.

They also have a Yahoo newsgroup at LTarot
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LTarot).  Also while I was poking around I
found another Yahoo newsgroup called "tarotgame"

Have fun,

Michael McKay (seaan at concentric.net)

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