hist-games: Homepage Updated

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Sun Aug 24 14:06:17 PDT 2003

FYI, I've just done a big update to the Medieval and Renaissance Games
Homepage, with all the backlog links that have been building up for
umpteen months. So if there are pages that aren't currently listed,
please tell me about them -- I probably don't have them.

The page is at:


				-- Justin

Re: Fixing the SCA
"I have a theory: In the Society, we can only change that which doesn't
 matter.  Changing things that matter always means beating some vested
 interest over the head.  No matter whether the club is "Safety", 
 "History", "Convenience" or "Authenticity", it's still beating with
 clubs and no one likes that."
		-- Tibor

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