hist-games: Ketch-Dolt and Memory

Bruce Padget bapadget at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 11:24:24 PDT 2003

I recently acquired the Compleat Gamester, so of
course I've all but skipped eating and sleeping while
I devour it.

I've gathered from a little research that Ketch-Dolt,
a Tables game, was regarded as somewhat beneath
notice.  However, from Cotton's description, it looks
a bit more interesting than Dublets.  Unless I'm
totally off-base, I've gathered this much from Cotton:

1.  The ultimate object of the game is to bear your
pieces off,  (Exactly or inexactly?) after filling
your table. (What constitutes "filling?" Making all
six points?)

2.  Start with no pieces on the board, and bring
pieces on by roll of the dice.

3.  Pieces can at times be taken from the opponent's
table and put in yours.  Failure to do this when
possible forfeits the game (?).

Anyone have more ideas on ketch-dolt?

I also recall a discussion of an authentic replacement
for Tablero de Gucci.  Six-Ace was mentioned, but the
Memory game (in Cotton's cards section) looks like it
has great drinking game potential.

Finally, I understand that the Volume of Plaies is
coming out Real Soon Now.  Any further information
available, since I'm currently in library-building

bapadget at yahoo.com

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