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There is a similar painting by Breugel with over a hundred (if I remember well) Dutch sayings. It's in the Frans Hals museum, Haarlem, the Netherlands. The museum has made a schematic drawing of the painting and numbered all the different little scenes on the painting. An accompanying list informs the visitor which sayings are portrayed. 
Knowing this, I am sure that a similar list will be available for this painting with the children's games; no doubt someone has already looked into this and an article on the subject will already be available somewhere. 

Greg Lindahl <lindahl at pbm.com> wrote:
A friend of mine pointed out this image of one of Brugel's paintings:


It would make a neat little article for someone to try to figure out
what sorts of games are being shown. For example: rolling a hoop using
a stick (bottom). Two people sitting on a barrel. Whip-tops (upper
center under the porch). Leap-frog (center). Blind-man's bluff. There
are a bunch of more complicated physical games, too. Adults are shown
doing quite a few of them. Etc.

-- greg

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