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first of all the two games metromachia and ouranomachia do not derive from
Rhythmomachia. They have been invented by William Fulke in the 16th century.
A long article about Metromachia has been published in Board Games Studies
2, 1999, written by Michel Boutin and Pierre Parlebas, p. 80 - 103, in
French with translation of the Latin rules.

Fulke has published the descriptions of the games invented by him.
You will find it in University libraries. See for example: Metromachia sive
ludus geometricus, London 1578, and
Ouranomachia hoc est Astrologorum ludus, London 1571. It is said on the
title page of this last that the board and the pieces can be purchased at
William Jones' shop at the west door of St. Paul's. But I have not yet been
able to find any one example.

Ulrich Schädler
Swiss Museum of Games
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> Dear all
> Does anyone know where I might be able to find the rules of metromachia
> ouranomachia, two old games derived from (?) rithmomachia?
> Cheers, Lex
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