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Thu Jun 12 07:52:34 PDT 2003

I have heard of a similar dice game which was called "Bogaziti."   The main 
difference between it and the game you describe is that you don't have to score 
800 to enter the game, and there is another combination that scores, that of 
rolling a "straight" or a "run" of consecutive numbers.   The lowest number is 
used in the 100's place, the second lowest in the ten's place and the highest 
number in the one's place. Ex: rolling a one, two, three, would score one 
hundred twenty-three; rolling a four, five six would score four hundred 
fifty-six.   After setting aside the three dice used on the "run" an extra roll of 1 
still adds 50 points, but no other roll scores. Rolling and not scoring still 
wipes out your score the that turn.

I like this version because it gives more opportunities to score.
There is another game sold in the USA as "Cosmic Wimpout" that is also very 
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