hist-games: Dice Game

Todd Fischer imelod at sympatico.ca
Sun May 25 19:44:21 PDT 2003

On the weekend I was introduced to a new dice game...I'm trying to figure
out the name and history of the game as both were unknown by the person
teaching me the rules...he thought it was called 'Sixes' but wasn't sure...a
search on Google for the rules of sixes has brought me nothing ...it seems
to be similar, but different from, Yahtzee...

PThe game is played to 10, 000 points...a player must roll 1, 000 points on
one turn before they can start counting points...each turn after they have
scored 1, 000 points they need to score at least 400 to count points for
that turn...you want to roll as many 1's or 5's as possible, or at least
three of a kind...a 1 is worth 100 points...a 5 is worth fifty...three of a
kind is worth 100 x the number (so three sixes is 600)...getting three or
more 1's is worth a lot of points (can't remember how many)...

So player one rolls the dice...s/he then sets aside any triples or
better...if they don't have any they can set aside as many 1's or 5's as
they want...any dice left over are rerolled...if you manage to set aside all
your dice you can reroll all six and keep adding the points...if you ever
make a roll where you cannot set aside a 1, 5 or triple or better, your turn
is over and you score no points that turn...play then proceeds to the next
player...you can stop rolling at any time, but must have either 1, 000 or
400 (depending) to score your points for that turn...

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


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