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Sat Apr 26 18:56:08 PDT 2003

Anahita writes:

> A few modern outdoor games would be bocce, croquet, horseshoes, 
> shuffleboard, etc.

Bocce (boules) would be medieval, too.

> If no one know of North African games, how about Middle Eastern ones 
> (other than the Central Asian game which name i forget in which the 
> male participants ride wildly on horses batting a goat carcass 
> around)?

Buskashki? More sport than game, I'd say . . . 

But you're right, during the medieval period even more than today, North 
Africa was culturally part of the Middle East.

Although the disapproval of the imams reduced the number of games preserved 
through the medieval period, I do have a few outdoor games that would be 
authentic--is this for an event? Adults or children? And how active do you 
want these games to be? (marbles and jackstones, or tag?)

Sally Wilkins
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