hist-games: Checker Board?

Alan Winston awinston at scn.org
Sat Apr 26 11:28:08 PDT 2003

"Polish Checkers" uses a 10x10 board. Try googling.

Alan Winston

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> For my birthday, my mother has given me a game board that her father
> I think its for checkers, but if so my granddad did not know how many
> squares a checker board should have...
> Instead of being 8 x 8 squares, the board is 10 x 10 squares...they
> coloured black and red...
> The pieces are pegs, about half marked with a line across their
> I got the board the outside two rows of squares, on all four sides,
> filled with pieces...
> Does this sound familiar to anyone? Or is it, as I said earlier, just
> mistake on my granddad's part?
> Oh, he was from Northern Ontario if that's any help (regional
> Todd/Colyne
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