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Alan Winston awinston at scn.org
Fri Apr 25 18:38:58 PDT 2003

> Sounds like a Primero deck to me...I know there are more knowledgeable
> players here, but I'm pretty sure about this one. Forty cards, four
> cards, 8-10
> removed, uses an Italian set of suits (except for the clubs...unless
> "clubs" are
> wands that look like clubs you hit a ball--or an enemy--with). There
> about a
> thousand sites online that explain the play of Primero. Just do a
> search!

There are many different games played with 40 card Spanish suited decks.
See http://www.pagat.com/class/latin.html and
http://www.pagat.com/national/spain.html :

"The most popular Spanish card games with the 40-card pack include:
Tute and its variants such as Tute Subastado
Brisca (which is almost idantical to the Italian game Briscola).
The plain-trick games Julepe and Podrida (which cais often played with a
52-card pack).
The fishing game Escoba (similar to the Italian Scopa di 15)
The extraordinary poker-like partnership game Mus, which is of Basque
origin but is now played all over Spain."

Primero is more commonly played with Italian suited decks.

Alan Winston

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