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Fri Apr 25 17:57:46 PDT 2003

> Greetings and salutations -
> Some friends just sent me a few decks of cards from Morroco, but the
> decks are quite unusual and I wondered if anyone knew why. The suits I
> can understand. Swords, clubs, cups, and coins. The numbering, though,
> is quite unusual. They run ace to seven, there are no eights or nines,
> the tenth card is the page, eleven is the knight, twelve is the queen,
> there is no king. All three decks were sealed in shrink-wrap, so
> there's no chance of missing cards, and the oddities are common to all
> three decks.
> Any thoughts?
>     - Rowen
> >
> This is a common arrangement for Spanish suited decks, as made and used
> in Spain, Latin America, North Africa, etc.
> http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Musee/7685/cards6.htm
> Some Moroccan cards are made there, in various qualities. I've also seen
> Spanish-made decks with backs advertising Moroccan businesses, and I
> have a vague recollection of a deck of German or Austrian manufacture.
> Alan Winston
> Seattle

Sounds like a Primero deck to me...I know there are more knowledgeable card
players here, but I'm pretty sure about this one. Forty cards, four face
cards, 8-10
removed, uses an Italian set of suits (except for the clubs...unless the
"clubs" are
wands that look like clubs you hit a ball--or an enemy--with). There are
about a
thousand sites online that explain the play of Primero. Just do a Google

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