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Sincere thanks to Tecangl. Problem is (hopefully) solved.

Bibliog on that book is
Thurstan, Violetta, The Use of Vegetable Dyes, Lewins Mead, Dryad Press 
(12th, revised edition) 1970.

Though mostly to do with fibre dying it's an excellent work for all 
hitorical reconstructions. And once made up the same dyes may be rubbed into 
harder surfaces such as wood, bone and sealed leathers. Not all will 'take' 
of coruse - one must research and experiment.

Also - and I cannot vouch for this -  I was once told by an old sailing 
master (advising on an exhibition for me) that scrimshaw work *was* 
sometimes coloured by rubbing in a fine powder of that dye so very common at 
sea - the same iron oxide which at other times one worked so assidously to 

Diane O'Donovan

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>Subject: hist-games: Colouring htafl pieces (fwd)
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>Diane O'Donovan is having trouble posting to the list and asked me to pass
>along the following information:
>"Useful information on historical natural dyes for cloth, leather or bone 
>contained in Violetta Thurston's work on vegetable dyes. It is now out of
>print, but can be found in some of the better libraries."
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