hist-games: Coloring bone tafl pieces?

Chas webmaster at historicgames.com
Wed Apr 2 15:12:46 PST 2003

"Hall, Hayward" wrote:
> Personally I'd go with a natural dye.  I think paint would detract from the bone carving.

I figured I'd use something with a matte finish. perhaps a wood stain,
or my father had some luck using Rit fabric dye for tinting some of his
wood carvings. In any case, I figure I'll have to experiment a little to
get the look I'm thinking of -I don't want anything that might rub off
on sweaty, or Guinness-dampened hands.

> What kinds or sections of bone are you carving them out of?  Where do you get red ochre?

Tara Hill Designs http://www.tarahill.com/runekits.html sells 2 drams of
red ochre powder for $4.00 along with instructions to go with their rune
kits, but I imagine there are other places around that offer it as well
as other materials to simulate it.

I demonstrate a period lathe at (
http://www.historicgames.com/lathes/lindex.html ) and found a great tip
in a book on modern wood turning, you can buy sterilized bones for dogs
which are ready to work with -no boiling them to remove the nasty bits!
What kind of animal I haven't bothered to ask them, but they range from
about just over 1" to 1.75" in cross-section and the narrowest points in
the bone. 

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