hist-games: The Royal Game of the Ombre.

Thierry Depaulis thierry.depaulis at freesbee.fr
Mon Mar 24 23:13:32 PST 2003

Imran Ghory wrote:

>Does anyone here have access to a copy of Thomas Palmer's "The Royal Game
>of the Ombre." (1665) ?

There is a copy in the British Library (786.a.1.).

The address is:
Printed for Thomas Palmer, at the Crown in Westminster-Hall, 1665.
Not "Westminister".

Incidently the "The Royal Game of the Ombre." was first published in 1660 as:

- The Royal game of the ombre, written at the request of divers honourable
London : William Brook, 1660 ; 8°, 18 p.
British Library, C.136.g.34.; Jessel #1248 = #1250.

(The 1665 edition is Jessel #1249.)

> I've made a transcription of the work but several words are unreadable on
>my edition and I would like to find out what they are before I link to the
>transcription on my site. The words I need checked out are marked by
>question-marks at <http://bits.bris.ac.uk/imran/games/ombre.txt>.

Here are some corrections (from my hand copy taken at the BL of both
editions, 1660 and 1665)

> for reasons better supprest(?) then known.
Yes: it's 'supprest'.

>There can only three play at it, and they (with?) nine Cards a piece:
...they are dealt nine cards...

Thierry Depaulis

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