hist-games: Question on Periodness of Certain Games/Sports

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I don't know about medieval prizefights, but here's some information on 
Elizabethan prizefights on line-


I suspect that there were medieval prizefights (not including jousts, of 
course), but that they were probably not as formal.  More of "behind the 
pub" sort of thing.  Remember that there was an outstanding ban on teaching 
fence in England until the 16th century.  I'm not that familiar with 
prizefighting in other Elizabethan cultures.

BTW, for those of you who do SCA/Adria/reenactment/etc, an Elizabethan 
prizefight makes for a GREAT tourney theme.  We had one out here and had the 
listmistresses double as bookies with a big chalk board to keep track of 
wins/losses.  We handed out a bunch of mexican coins to folks when they paid 
their site fee and gave prizes out to the largest purses a couple of hours 
after the feast was over (to give everyone plenty of time to dice and play 
cards:)).  We also let spectators throw radishes and bread at the 
contestants, which seemed to go over well.

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> >Can you help me with any information on the following games, i'm not too
> >sure that they are from the medieval period but i can not find any
> >information on these games/sports:Smock racing, Wakes, Field sports(in 
> >medieval period), Blood sports, Mob games, Church, Jousting, 
> >Cudgelling and Prize fights.  This might seem as a strange list but this 
> >for Sports studies research.
> >
> >Thank you
> >
> >Kathleen from Surrey
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