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Jane and Mark Waks waks at attbi.com
Sun Jan 5 19:47:24 PST 2003

David Parish-Whittaker wrote:
> Do you folks know where I can find I good English translation of the
> Cardano?
> [...]
> Any other sources out there you could recommend?  BTW, if the fellow who put
> up the links to the Florio and Minsue transcriptions at the hist-games site
> is on this list, thanks much.  Gotta love primary sources.

Happy to help. Digging back into the same article:

"English translation by Dr. Sydney H. Gould, originally published in
Cardano, the Gambling Scholar (by Oystein Ore, Princeton U. Press,
1953); subsequently republished as a slim separate book (Holt, Rinehart
& Winston, 1961)."

I personally used the separate edition, which happened to be in my
university library...

				-- Justin

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