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Alan Winston awinston at scn.org
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"Camel - The Game"

(c)  1992 R.J .Reynolds

- six dice, as described;
- 48 cards, with ranks as dice faces, eight each, illustrated with "Joe
Camel" double ended figures;
- Score pad
- rule sheet;
- packaged in box designed like oversized Camel cigarette pack.

Game is sort of a vague cross between the Hearts dice game and Liar's Dice.

Has appeared regularly and cheaply on Ebay for years. Current listings as
item #  737483083, 738486210,  738888133,  738919076,  738958050. The second
listing has the best illustrations:

Even with the full set, I don't bother with the cards or the rules, and
simply play a Hearts variation with the dice.

Alan Winston

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> I have just acquired a set of six dice which have the letters C A M E L on
> each of the sides,plus an illustration of a camel on one side. I have no
> doubt that they are modern and that they are a promotional gimmick of the
> cigarette company, but what game is played with them. Does anybody have
> ideas?
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