hist-games: CAMEL Dice

Jheromyn ben Mikiel, Bordar du Cynnabar jheromyn at kormanworld.net
Fri Nov 22 21:00:49 PST 2002

Steven McBride wrote:
I have just acquired a set of six dice which have the letters C A M E L on
each of the sides,plus an illustration of a camel on one side. I have no
doubt that they are modern and that they are a promotional gimmick of the
cigarette company, but what game is played with them. Does anybody have any

Well, I have no actual idea what game they are used for. However, in the SCA
we have a drinking game we play with two normal dice called Tablero da
Gucci. Maybe they are used for some type of smoking game? Like you could
have people ante cigarettes and then play some type of game like Roman Tali.
A person that roles 'CAMEL' plus the picture wins the pot. I mean wouldn't
that be a good gimmick to get people to buy more cigarettes.

-- Ian Korman

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