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Michael and Susan McKay seaan at concentric.net
Fri Nov 22 20:56:19 PST 2002

I've been asked to organize a day of gaming for at a small SCA event.  The
hitch is that they would like to present some "prizes" at the end of the
day.  The exact reason for the prizes is TBD, but the ideas might be "Most
Games Played" or "Best Winning Percentage".

I guess the most natural method is to gamble with all the games.  The person
with the most "money" at the end of the night is the obvious winner.  I'm
looking for other options because this is a common fund raiser technique
(people pay a donation for a night of gambling, and the top winners get
prizes).  It also tends to require a lot of "attendants" as most of the
games have a "bank".

I'd like to offer a wide range of appropriate games, and let people drop in
and out of the competition as they wish (since there will be other things
going on as well).  One other problem with the "most games" approach, which
should perhaps be "most time spent gaming".  To take an extreme, how many
games of tic-tac-toe can you play in the time of an average medieval-rules
chess game?

I'm thinking of giving a set of points for each game played, and double the
amount to the winner.  The following table gives an example:

Time     Point   Winning-Points
<5 min   1       2
5-15     2       4
16-30    3       6
30+      5       10

The players would not know about time, but would know how the game was rated
(for example a set of 3 Man-Morris gets 1/2, 9 Man-Morris set would be 2/4,
tables 3/6, and chess would be 5/10).  This should also work for
multi-player games like many card games and Goose.

Any comments?

Michael McKay  (known in the SCA as Seaan McAy)
seaan at concentric.net

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