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Mon Nov 18 19:10:10 PST 2002

Imran Ghory wrote:
> Trying to find evidence for the card game "knave out of doors" and have
> found the following quotes and wanted to know if others agree with me
> that they refer to the game,

Okay, here are a few opinions:

> Passage 1:

Given the game meme running through it, seems highly likely.

> Passage 2:

Almost certainly (presumably using "knave" as a double-entendre insult).

> Passage 3:

Less obvious. The "fool" reference is interesting -- it sounds like a
Tarot reference? Plausible, but I'm not as certain...

> Passage 4:

Seems like it's almost certainly an oblique reference...

> Incidently I've got some more cards related material on my site now,
> including a list of card game lists and a copy of the reconstruction of
> Primero given in Nares' Glossary.

Very neat! I'm currently working on transcribing Harington, in my scarce
free minutes. That'll go up once I've had time to finish...

				-- Justin

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