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On Sun, 3 Nov 2002 "Colyne" wrote:

>Does anyone recognize this game?
>> >From: Kris Wiegman <wiegman at speedypackage.com>
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>> >Subject: Mongolian Game
>> >Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 15:31:01 -0700 (PST)
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>> >My mother brought back a Ger game (Mongolian) from
>> >her trip there - and although my stepfather spent an
>> >hour trying to understand how to play (by playing
>> >with the ger children - he didn't understand the
>> >rules, but it is like dominos..
>> >I have a beautifully carved wooden box, inside are
>> >ornate tiles - simular to dominos in shape. The big
>> >difference is that there are ornate carvings of
>> >animals - and only one to each tile. There are
>> >several monkeys, a few dragons, lions - etc... I am
>> >trying to get instructions on how to play.
>> >Unfortunately my mom is in Russia now - so I can't
>> >get the phonetic name for the game, she wasn't sure
>> >she had the phonetics down right.
>> >Can you help?
>> >Thank you for any assistance you can provide,
>> >Kris

It is 'khorol' (also 'khorlo', and 'gorlo'), indeed a kind of domino game.
Iwona Kabzinska-Stawarz, "Games of Mongolian shepherds". Warsaw : Institute
of the History of Material Culture, Polish Academy of Sciences, 1991
(Library of Polish Ethnography, 45), pp.44-52
Anthony G. Smith, Khorol: The wooden playing cards of the Mongols, "The
Playing-Card", Vol. XXV, No. 5, March-April 1997, pp.199-202
Thierry Depaulis

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