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Thierry Depaulis thierry.depaulis at freesbee.fr
Sun Nov 3 04:15:29 PST 2002

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Imran Ghory wrote:

>Additionally in Privy Purse Expences of King Henry VIII the game of "pope
>julius" is mentioned a number of times, does anyone know what this game is?

I replied:
>>It is too early for 'Pope Joan'... I wonder what game it is.

However, a new reference just found in my notes may shed some light on it:

Sir John HARINGTON, "Nugae antiquae: A Treatise on Playe" (c. 1596) (ed.
1804, p. 220/221)

"Pope Julio (if I fail not in the name, and sure I am that there is a game
of the cards after his name) was a great and wary player, a great vertue in
a man of his profession; but being a good companion, and as the phrase is,
as merry as Pope Joan. It is said he played at primero with some great
princes or cardinals that use to be popes play-fellows..."

It seems there was an English card game named Pope Julius.

Thierry Depaulis

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