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Thierry Depaulis thierry.depaulis at freesbee.fr
Tue Oct 29 04:41:49 PST 2002

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Imran Ghory wrote:

>I've found an usefull resource for the research of period games, the
>literary journal "Notes and Queries" in it I've found a number of articles
>which have allowed me to find older references to card games.
>In particular the 1913 volume has a series of articles on Primero, well
>worth reading for anyone interested in the game.

Good to hear.

>I've managed to trace up most of the reference but I haven't been able to
>confirm the following:
>A reference to Trump in the sermons of Michael Menot (d. 1518).

This is not an English reference! Michel Menot was a French preacher who
toured the country preaching against gambling in the early 16th century. He
indeed died in 1518.
Like St Bernardino of Sienna, he uttered a sermon where he promised Hell to
the one
"Qui ludit ad ludum chartarum du glic, du flus, de la triomphe"
[who would play the card game(s) glic, flus, triomphe = gleek, flush, trump]
(ref. "2e Sermon de Carême à Paris" in Michel Menot, "Sermons choisis", ed.
J. Nève, Paris, 1924)

>Additionally in Privy Purse Expences of King Henry VIII the game of "pope
>julius" is mentioned a number of times, does anyone know what this game is?

It is too early for 'Pope Joan'... I wonder what game it is.

Thierry Depaulis

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