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Mon Oct 28 20:00:54 PST 2002

Imran Ghory wrote:
> In particular the 1913 volume has a series of articles on Primero, well
> worth reading for anyone interested in the game.

Thanks for the pointer -- I'll add it to my "need to dig up" list.

Speaking of which: I've updated my Primero reconstruction and cheat
sheet, to reflect the suggestions that were made on this list and the
results of a group of us actually trying both versions out tonight. (We
got a good mix of players, both experienced and naive, which resulted in
a lot of good questions.)

The conclusion tonight was that the English game basically seems to work
(modulo a bug or two in the cheat sheet), but my description of the
Italian game was missing several details that broke the bidding process.
I think the updated version should work better.

The primary changes made tonight are:

-- It's now explicit that you must match or better the bid in the
Italian game. This is a bit obvious in hindsight, but since Cardano
doesn't actually mention it, I hadn't written it in.

-- Having previously been argued around to allowing you to draw cards
when you Vie, I've chosen to allow the same when you See, simply on the
grounds that it makes the game more consistent, and seems to work well.

The reconstructions are still far from definitive, but I think they're
at least now reasonably playable. Both can be found at:


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