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On the web there is a suggestion that Fidchell is a kind of Hnefatafl, but
thinks that Fidchell was originally more like Roman Latrunculi and is later
replaced by a Tafl
variant under Nordic influences.

(see http://elisaid.antir.com/games/fidchell.htm and
 http://www.historicgames.com/learnmore/fid.html and
Murray's "History of games other than chess"
(I just recieved my copy from PSBooks - thanks to this list) )

Jeroen Donkers.

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Alex R. Kraaijeveld wrote

>Given that no one knows what kind of game fidchell really was, I'd be very
>interested to know where these pieces come from and to see a photo of them!
>Cheers, Lex

But we know what fidchell was! At least Andrea Nuti seems to know...

It's just published, I've received it this morning, and I haven't read it
yet but there is a long article (amazingly in Italian!) on fidchell in the
international journal 'Ludica', "annali di storia e civiltà del gioco",
no.7 (dated... 2001), published by the Fondazione Benetton. The article is:

Andrea NUTI, "Il gioco del fidchell nella letteratura celtica medievale",
in: Ludica, 7, 2001, pp. 18-33.
("The game of 'fidchell' in the medieval Celtic literature")

To order a copy of this thick and interesting multilingual journal
dedicated to the history of games and sports, contact:
Edizione Viella
Via delle Alpi, 52
I - 00198 Roma
E-mail: vialla at flashnet.it

Thierry Depaulis
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