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Thu Oct 24 05:55:07 PDT 2002

On Tue, 22 Oct 2002, Jane & Mark Waks wrote:

> Jane & Mark Waks wrote:
> > Imran:
> > > http://un2sg4.unige.ch/athena/rabelais/rab_garg.html
> > 
> > Or here:
> > 
> >         http://abu.cnam.fr/cgi-bin/donner_html?gargantua2
> Oh, now this *is* fascinating. The 1534 edition that Imran cited, and
> the 1542 edition I did, are *wildly* different from each other. Search
> for "fleux" to find the beginning of the list in the first version, or
> "flux" in the second. While there's considerable overlap, the order is
> certainly rather different, and it appears at first glance that a lot of
> games have been dropped out and/or added in.
> Okay, so this problem is a little more complex than it appeared at first
> glance. I wonder which French edition the English translation comes
> from...

I've raided my university library and found the following in the 1929
Everyman's Library edition (trans. by Lewis) based on 1535 edition:

At flusse
At primero
At the beast
At the rifle
At trump
At the prick and spare not
At the hundred
At the peeny
At the unfortunate woman
At the fib
At the pass ten
At one and thirty
At post and pair, or even, and sequence.
At three hundred
At losing load him

Going through various French editions the game translated as losing load
him appears to be,

In the 1970 reprint by Ruth Calder of the "first edition":

 qui gaigne perd

In the 1994 Le Livre de Poche edition based on 1535 edition:

 coquinbert qui gagne perd

In the 1993 Joukovsky editon:

 coquinbert, qui gagne perd

(I don't speak french so I may be completely wrong here)


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