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Jane & Mark Waks waks at attbi.com
Tue Oct 22 14:43:17 PDT 2002

Jane & Mark Waks wrote:
> Imran:
> > http://un2sg4.unige.ch/athena/rabelais/rab_garg.html
> Or here:
>         http://abu.cnam.fr/cgi-bin/donner_html?gargantua2

Oh, now this *is* fascinating. The 1534 edition that Imran cited, and
the 1542 edition I did, are *wildly* different from each other. Search
for "fleux" to find the beginning of the list in the first version, or
"flux" in the second. While there's considerable overlap, the order is
certainly rather different, and it appears at first glance that a lot of
games have been dropped out and/or added in.

Okay, so this problem is a little more complex than it appeared at first
glance. I wonder which French edition the English translation comes

				-- Justin

"Why is it that many folks find a malleable, very human document like
 the Society's Corpora, that was formed by the anvil and tongs of
 vigorous debate, and want to turn it into dead words engraved in
		-- Bertram of Bearington

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