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Tue Oct 22 14:34:02 PDT 2002

Imran Ghory wrote:
> If anyone who can read 16th century french wants to have a look at it, A
> 1534 edition has been transcribed at,
> http://un2sg4.unige.ch/athena/rabelais/rab_garg.html

Or here:


Search on "Jeux" to find the chapter -- the game list makes up
essentially the entire chapter.

What would be really useful would be for someone to sit down with both
the French and the English translation, and correlate the names
(assuming, of course, that they *do* correlate), so we can see what the
French originals were for these English translations. That's not
horribly difficult, just a bit of work. Then we can see what got
translated as "Losing Load Him", and whether the translation appears
spurious or not...

				-- Justin
				   Who may undertake this project himself,
				     but is rather lacking in free time
				     right at the moment...

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