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Alan Winston awinston at scn.org
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Thank you.

How about Varpa?

Seems to be in the same category of having a plausibly old history on
Gotland, but doesn't seem to have spread as far or accumulated as much
questionable "history."

Yes, I do seem to be diverting my attention into the structured flanging of


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> Alan Winston wrote:
> > The Swedish game of Kubb has been mentioned in this list in the past,
> > inconclusively as to its actual age.
> >
> > Has any substantive historical information ever been turned up?
> Nothing of any depth yet. I keep hearing vague references to
> archaeological evidence when I look around, but no details to date. I
> keep hoping to get more substantiation -- I quite like the game, and
> would be more than happy to discover that it's actually ancient...
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