hist-games: New Reconstruction of Primero

Alan Winston awinston at scn.org
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Very Interesting. Thank you for your work.

In the somewhat convoluted process of "so the 2-5 have 10 added to their
value; 6 and 7 are trebled; aces are work 16 and coats are worth 10. It
takes a little practice to get used to this, but it becomes intuitive after
a while," one might note that the 5 is trebled as well -- it follows both

That's not much help by itself, but it did lead me to the simpler (for me)
concept of "the 2-7 score the higher of either ten plus the number or the
trebling of the number."

Alan Winston

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> Okay, time to jump into the fray with this. After years of being not
> quite happy with any of the extant reconstructions, I've tried my hand
> at reconstructing Primero.
> I've actually done it as two separate reconstructions, one based mainly
> on Cardano, and one on a couple of brief English sources. I'm far from
> totally sanguine about either, but I *think* they're closer to matching
> the sources than the previous reconstructions I've seen. Neither has
> been playtested yet, but I'm not seeing any terribly obvious bugs.
> Anyway, folks should feel free to play around with them, and offer
> commentary. They're at:
> http://www.waks.org/game-hist/game-recon-primero.html
> This also includes a one-page Word cheat sheet that covers both
> variants.
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