hist-games: new here - interested in Alfonso X's games

Marianne Perdomo Machin marianne at historiaviva.org
Fri Oct 4 10:54:32 PDT 2002


I was searching for info on Alfonso X's Book of Games when I ran into 
an old thread regarding translation of the games, and I just had to 
join the list and learn some new stuff. :)
In between a dozen other projects (it isn't fun otherwise, is it? ;) I 
was thinking of looking at the games described in the Book (mainly 
with a view to organizing a tavern night). Is this being done already? 
If so, do you still need a native Spanish speaker?

Alternatively, does anyone have any special reccomendations regarding 
period games rules, appropriate to ca. 13-15th c. Spain? I'm mainly 
interested in games that can be learnt relatively quickly. I'm going 
over the links at Medieval & Renaissance Games Home Page but the sheer 
amount of names is mind-boggling!!

Many thanks!

Marianne / Leonor Marti'n
Canary Is., Spain / Yet-to-be-formed shire, Drachenwald

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