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Jane & Mark Waks waks at attbi.com
Mon Aug 19 07:00:57 PDT 2002

John McLeod wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Aug 2002 Jane & Mark Waks <Jane & Mark Waks <waks at attbi.com>>
> wrote:
> >I first saw it
> >(as well as the reprint of The Game of Tarot) for sale this past week at
> >Pennsic.
> Are you saying that 'The Game of Tarot' has been reprinted??

Urp. No, sorry, brain fart -- one should never post directly after a
week of sleep deprivation; I just had Dummett on the brain. I meant to
say "the reprint of A History of Chess", and clearly didn't reread what
I was typing...

				-- Justin

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