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Jane & Mark Waks waks at attbi.com
Sun Aug 18 19:42:02 PDT 2002

Loud Creek Books & Bindery wrote:
> Concerning Murrray: I scanned the internet this morning and came up at least
> 20 stores listing copies for less than $25US.

This is a brand new situation. A History of Board Games Other Than Chess
has been very hard to obtain until quite recently -- I paid $140 for my
copy of it. However, it has *just* come back into print: I first saw it
(as well as the reprint of The Game of Tarot) for sale this past week at
Pennsic. It's cheap as dirt, and would be worth it at thrice the price.
I recommend that everyone run out and get it (and encourage Oxford to
keep reprinting useful books like this); while it's no longer *quite* as
authoritative as it once was, it's still one of the seminal works in the
field, and better for day-to-day reference than almost anything else...

				-- Justin
				   Who holds out hope against hope that
				     they'll reprint The Game of Tarot one
				     of these years...

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