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Good morning,

You haven't gone to the right book dealer.  ;}

Concerning Murrray: I scanned the internet this morning and came up at least
20 stores listing copies for less than $25US.  Including an edition printed
as recently as 2002. Contact me off list for where you can get these if your

Dummet's book is indeed hard to get. Games of Tarot falls within my area of
specialty and I have a hard  time getting it and then at a very dear price.
I do have my own copy however :)

Don't confuse my statement of fact (that many desirable books are under
copyright but out of print) with thinking that the situation is OK. I could
go on at length about the politics of book publishing - but it s a bit off
topic for this list. I've been selling books, both new and used, for about
12 years and could give an insiders view of the situation.

In good spirit


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