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Imran Ghory ImranG at btinternet.com
Fri Aug 16 03:07:30 PDT 2002

On 16 Aug 2002, at 0:09, Michael and Susan McKay wrote:

> Perhaps I'm using the wrong bookstores, but I have had standing orders
> for the Murray's "Boardgames other than Chess" for over five years
> with no luck. I've known people looking for Dimmitt's "Game of Tarot"
> for over 3 years without any success.

Murray's "Boardgames other than Chess" isn't to hard to get hold 
of in the UK due to recent reprints, www.amazon.co.uk have it in 
stock for 15 GBP, about 23 USD.

I doubt you'll be able to get Dummett's "Game of Tarot" for anything 
under 300 USD, it's a fairly rare book.

Imran Ghory

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