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Fri Aug 16 02:52:29 PDT 2002

On 15 Aug 2002, at 19:10, Loud Creek Books & Bindery wrote:

> As to Murray the Oxford University Press currently holds the copyright
> and reprinted it in 1978. It is out of print but not out of copyright.
> Copied are readily available on the internet for a reasonable price.

My understanding of copyright is that it would mean the 1978 
reprint was in copyright, the 1913 edition would have lost it's 
copyright by now. (as would any pre-1923 work in most places, 
there are some exceptions, for instance some eastern european 
countries give copyright extensions to people held as POW during 
the two world wars).

(Note: I'm talking about History of Chess, not a History of board 
games other then chess, which is still under copyright in most of 
the world).

If someone has a hand scanner and could scan both sides of the 
title page (the one which normally has the copyright on, but in 
Murray just has title, author and "Oxford" "from the Claredon 
press") from the 1913 edition, I could forward it to Project 
Gutenberg who could get a definite statement from their copyright 

Imran Ghory

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