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Perhaps I'm using the wrong bookstores, but I have had standing orders for
the Murray's "Boardgames other than Chess" for over five years with no luck.
I've known people looking for Dimmitt's "Game of Tarot" for over 3 years
without any success.

I'm not contesting your point that these books are still in copyright, but
if they were less expensive to produce (like in book form), there would be a
much better chance that they would still be in print.


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While it's true a good many useful books have lapsed copyrights. It is often
not true of the better one's. Dover, for instance, holds a good many
unexercised copyrights. Holding until the time they feel the demand for the
text is enough to justify printing.

As to Murray the Oxford University Press currently holds the copyright and
reprinted it in 1978. It is out of print but not out of copyright. Copied
are readily available on the internet for a reasonable price.


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