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Imran Ghory ImranG at btinternet.com
Thu Aug 15 15:40:39 PDT 2002

Given that a number of books on the history of games are now out 
of copyright is anyone making ebooks of them (or interested in 
doing so) ?

As virtually all books prior to 1923 are out of copyright in most of 
the world (including Fiske's Chess in Iceland, and Murray's History 
of Chess) maybe it would be an idea to scan them, OCR them and 
make them available as ebooks as many of these books are hard 
to get hold of.

I would scan the 1913 of Murray myself but it's to big to fit in my 
flatbed scanner (I think I'd need either a large flatbed, orbital, or 
hand scanner to do it). Project Gutenberg (a large project to 
produce free ebooks of Public Domain books) only has two books 
on games, one on modern chess by Lasker and Bird's "Chess 
History and Reminiscences". (I'm currently working on producing 
Hoffman's Hoyle's Games Modernized and someone else is 
working on another Lasker).

Imran Ghory

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