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Thierry Depaulis thierry.depaulis at freesbee.fr
Mon Aug 12 05:43:40 PDT 2002

Alexandre F Costa wrote:

>Dear Members,
>I am a card game researcher looking for informations on a game called
>Voltarete, a portuguese variation of the Tresillo, Treziglio, Hombre. It was
>brought to Brazil by the portuguese court being a very popular game till the
>end of the XIX century.
>Described as Rocambor in hispanic countries in South America.
>Any information as for this game and rules, please contact:
>Alexandre F Costa

Dear Alexandre,

You're on the wrong list!

You should have sent your message to the Playing-Card List:
<playing-cards at cs.man.ac.uk>

Voltarete is indeed a (h)ombre / tresillo variant, where a player may offer
to look at the first card on top of the stock. It started in Spain in the
18th century as 'volteta' or 'voltereta', or 'tresillo de voltereta', then
became fashionable in Portugal and Portuguese colonies in the early 19th

The standard rules of ombre are on the Card Games Site:
as well as those of Tresillo:

Best regards,

Thierry Depaulis
Paris, France
Board Game Studies Editor

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