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I let the following non-member message through, because the forum does
contain a game-related section:


PS: Be very glad we default to blocking non-member posts.  This policy
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My name is Lord William Avery of Woodstock from the Shire of Windkeep in the
Kingdom of the Outlands (mundanely DW Peters in Cheyenne, WY) and I require
just a moment of your time. I am in the process of setting up an on line
forum and would be honored if you had some time to check things out and
offer suggestions. At the moment I just have the basics of the site
together, no nice graphics, etc... However, it all works as it stands now
and I will be making changes over the next two weeks before taking the site
public. The basic idea is to create one place online that anyone in the SCA
can go to post questions, get answers and help others in oursuit of the

I sincerely hope this email is not considered spam. If you do have a few
moments to spare th esite is located at:


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Lord William Avery

BTW - If things seem a bit daunting I do have a user manual available
in. pdf format for the site. Contact me and I will glady email it to you.

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