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Not that I want people to compete against my bid, but I thought the
following might be of interest to people on the hist-games list.  There are
a total of 5 books being sold in a Dutch auction.

Michael McKay
seaan at concentric.net

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The late Norm Handelsman, an avid playing card collector, spent most of his
professional career in The UCLA Library System. In 1977, Mr. Handelsman
commissioned the Plantin Press at UCLA, a fine private press, to reprint
Benjamin Buckler's 1754 "Serious Reflections
on the Game of All-Fours" in a
limited edition of 100 numbered copies. This lovely little quarto reprint is
iii + 21pp in length, bound in red cloth, with a grey dust jacket. There is
one illustration of the Nine of Diamonds from the "Delightful Cards" deck,
London, 1723, from the collection of Sylvia Mann. At the request of Norm
Handelsman's widow, I am selling the few remaining copies (mint condition)
from his estate on eBay.

Click on the link below to see the eBay listing:


Thanks for looking,
                            Bob Rosenberger

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