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For playing cards predating 1630 there are quite a few references you could
refer to. Some of the easier ones to locate, in no particular order, are:

Fournier Museum: Playing Cards, General History from thier Creation to the
Present Day. (This is now a four vol. set but the first is the most useful).

Denning, Trevor: The Playing Cards of Spain.

Hargrave, Catherine: A History of Playing Cards.

Hoffmann, Detlef: Gemalte Spielkarten. (Handpainted Playing Cards)

Rosenfeld, Hellmut: Munchner Spielkarten um 1500. (Munich Playing Cards to

Bierdimpfle, K. A. Die Sammlung der Spielkarten des Baierischen
Nationalmuseums. Munich: Akademische Buchdrukerei von F. Straub, 1884

Chatto, William Andrew. Facts and Speculation on the Origin and History of
Playing Cards.

D’Allemagne, Henri René. Les Cartes à Jourer du XIVe au Xxe Siècle.

Dummett, Michael. The Game of Tarot.

Hamilton, Jean. Playing Cards in the Victoria and Albert Museum

Hoffmann, Detlef. The Playing Card: An Illustrated History

Kolb, Eugene. Old Playing Cards from the 15th to the 19th Century.

Kopp, Peter F. et al. Schweizer Spielkarten (Swiss Playing Cards).

Mann, Sylvia. Alle Karten auf den Tisch. Geschichte det Standartisierten
Spielkarten aller Welt (All the Cards on the Table. The History of Standard
Playing Cards of the World).

Merlin, Romain. Origine des Cartes a Jouer: Recherches Nouvelles Sur les
Naibis, les Tarots et sur les Autres Espèces des Cartes (The Origin of
Playing Cards: New Researches on the Naibi, Tarots and other Varieties of

Rosenfeld, Helmut. Deutsche Spielkarten aus fünf Jahrhunderten (Five hundred
Years of German Playing Cards)

Schreiber, Lady Charlotte. Playing Cards of Various Ages and Countries:
Selected From the Collection of Lady Charlotte Screiber

Seguin,	Jean-Pierre. Le Jeu de Carte.

Singer, Samuel Weller. Researches Into the History of Playing Cards with
Illustrations of the origin and Printing and Engraving on Wood.

Sotheby & Co. Medieval Illuminated Playing Cards: A Complete Pack of 52

Willshire, William Hughes, M.D. A Descriptive Catalogue of Playing and other
Cards in the British Museum. Accompanied by a Concise General History of the
Subject and Remarks on Cards of Divination and of a Politico-Historical

Yale University Library. The Art of the Playing Card from the Cary

This list is by no means exhaustive. It does not include some of the popular
works by Beal, Benham, Tilly and Wouk whose discussion of cards from the
period you are interestedin is limited.

These are some of the more accessable (In a good library) for you to find
what you want.

Good luck

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