hist-games: Game Pronunciation Question - New to the List

trevor.james trevor.james at virgin.net
Mon Jul 8 16:15:35 PDT 2002

"Jheromyn ben Mikiel, Bordar du Cynnabar" wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am a new member of this mailing list. I just want to say hello to
> everyone. I have recently started studying and hand-making historical games
> of the Renaissance and earlier time periods.
> I am making a Dablot Prejjesne board and pieces. This is a game from
> Lapland.
> I was wondering if anyone knows exactly how to pronounce the name of this
> game. I think it might be 'da-blat prAjesnE' but I am not sure. There is
> very little about this game online. I got the rules for the game from the
> book, "Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures" by Sally Wilkins. I sure wish
> she would have put a pronunciations in the book. It is a great book
> otherwise.
Dear Ian,

Could you give the rest of the book's details, please (publisher; year
of publication; ISBN).

Reason: I've searched abe.com & Amazon & can't find a copy.


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