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Thank you for the reply. Yes, I think it may have been a game described by
Linnaeus. Sally Wilkins only cites Bell in her bibliography.

I would like to make a clear distinction between Dablot Prejjesne and
Tablut. There are general rules that are understood for the game Tablut and
these are two totally different games. Dablot Prejjesne doesn't even move
from square to square.

It seems like only French sites talk about the game. Maybe if I can find
some Lapland message board I can find out how to pronounce it? :-) This begs
the (facetious) question: "Do they have the Internet in Lapland?"

-- Ian

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> I would guess that this is the one described by Linnaeus and listed as
> "Tablut" by Bell. You could evade the question by just calling it
> "Tables".
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