hist-games: Jeffrey's Willughby

Jane & Mark Waks waks at attbi.com
Fri Jun 14 12:03:58 PDT 2002

Chris Snell wrote:
> For those of you who have seen the earlier manuscripts of Jeffrey's, this
> promises to be an immensely useful publication, especially for late-period
> England enthusiasts.

Yow -- definitely so. I've been waiting for this book for many years:
even the early draft that Jeffrey let me look at was *enormously*
useful, and a number of the reconstructions on the Medieval/Renaissance
Games Homepage are directly based upon it. Any serious game researcher
*must* have this -- it's the best 17th century English source I know of,
with lots of random tidbits that sources like Cotton simply elide...

				-- Justin
				   Who mostly isn't spending money right
				     now, but this one isn't optional...

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