hist-games: Board Games Studies #4 is out

Jane & Mark Waks waks at attbi.com
Mon May 27 09:25:41 PDT 2002

For the serious among us: the next issue of Board Games Studies has just
come out. 

It has a deep focus on the tab family of games, and makes the
interesting observation that the Arabic game tab and the Scandanavian
daldos games appear to be more or less the same game. There's an
overview of the sig/tab family by Thierry DePaulis (in French, which
makes it a little more challenging for poor language-challenged
Americans like me), and a summary article discussing the theories of how
a game could get from the Near East to Scandanavia without going through
Europe. Fun stuff, and at least peripherally relevant for SCA period.

There is also a transcription and translation (from Sanskrit into
German) of a portion of the Hariharacaturanga, describing what appears
to be an intriguing form of 16th-century Indian grand chess. And a
collection of interesting book reviews.

As always, it's well worthwhile for any serious student of the subject.
For more information, check out:


				-- Justin

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