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Todd Fischer imelod at sympatico.ca
Thu May 23 18:12:16 PDT 2002

'Games, Period' is the official publication of the Games Guild of
Ealdormere. It contains rules, articles, histories of games and more. It is
printed twice annually (June and December) and is distributed for free
electronically (as pdf files viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader). The first
issue is now available on the Games Guild webpage at:


Games, Period Vol. 1 #1 (June AS XXXVII, 2002)
Containing "Is Tablero Period, and Should We Care?" by Laird Colyne Stewart
"Mitigati" by Master Rufus of Stamford
"A Brief Timeline of the Medieval Playing Card"
"The Rules of Glic" by Laird Colyne Stewart
"The Tafl Family of Games: Rules and History with an Emphasis on Tablut" by
Laird Colyne Stewart
"Games Galore" by Lord Raffe Scholemaystre

We think that anyone with even a passing interest in period games will find
this newsletter of interest...we hope you enjoy it...

In Service,

Laird Colyne Stewart
Head, Games Guild of Ealdormere
mailto:GamesGuild at hotmail.com

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