hist-games: "Seven-sided Backgammon" reconstruction now up

Chas webmaster at historicgames.com
Sun May 5 07:56:13 PDT 2002

James Mcadams wrote:
> On Wed, 1 May 2002, Teceangl wrote:
> > > (I'm fascinated, BTW -- where did you get these? I've
> > > never seen a 7-sider, even in a catalog...)
> >
> > I haven't gotten a catalog in years, so I'm not sure who made them.
>         I have a 7-side die, which I'm fairly sure I purchased
> from GameScience/Lou Zocchi at GenCon many years ago.

If you'll excuse a bit of shameless self-promotion I'm working on making
2 versions of 7-sided dice inspired by the Alphonso MS that should be
available for sale in the near future: ones with the two pentagonal
faces as described in this thread, as well as 7-side "log" of stave
dice. I have access to my father-in-laws machine shop to make the
masters for my molds so they should be reasonably accurate.

I'm also working on a version of an early 20-sided die that is supposed
to be in the Louvre. Each face is marked with a Roman numeral and a
letter. If anyone has information on the date for this one I've been
trying to track it down. I assume it was for a form of divination, and I
think I have a Greek form of divination that could be adaped to it. I'm
also considering reproducing a Swiss D12 that has the names of the
Zodiac carved in the face that supposedly dates the the 4th century, any
interest in these? All of the above would molded in resin to simulate
bone/ivory like the other dice we do.

MacGregor Historic Games

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