hist-games: "Seven-sided Backgammon" reconstruction now up

James Mcadams jmcadams at interaccess.com
Fri May 3 07:27:29 PDT 2002

On Wed, 1 May 2002, Teceangl wrote:

> > (I'm fascinated, BTW -- where did you get these? I've
> > never seen a 7-sider, even in a catalog...)
> I haven't gotten a catalog in years, so I'm not sure who made them.

	I have a 7-side die, which I'm fairly sure I purchased
from GameScience/Lou Zocchi at GenCon many years ago.

	He is a RPG gamer who makes & sells specialized dice, including
the 7-sider, the 100-sider (imagine a numbered golf ball), and a
number of others that I've never seen (5 and 16 sides I'v read, probably
the 30 and 34 sided dice I've seen before too)

	A quick web search doesn't give much more than a mailing
address, and some forum discussions saying that he's a nice guy,
and would probably to mail order if asked.

	As for his 7-side die, I gave it a thousand rolls and it
gave reasonable results.  He said that that had been his design
method - cut a length of a pentagonal prism, roll it for a while,
and adjust the length depending on whether "end" or "side" was
too common.


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