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>>>>>[ Meantime, if you hear anything more about the game actually
dating back more than a couple of decades, I'd be interested in
hearing about it. ]<<<<<

Well, here's something:

According to Sid Sackson's "A Gamut of Games," in the "short reviews
of games in print" section, there was a game put out by Parker
Brothers called "Five Thousand":

"Players in turn roll six regular dice and look for various scoring
combinations of all or part of the dice. They can continue by
re-rolling some of the dice in a try for a higher score, but at the
danger of losing the points already made. Any number of players."

The copyright for "A Gamut of Games" is 1969, so that would make this
version over 30 years old. Which, of course, makes this version of
"farkle" older than Cosmic Wimpout by at least 8 years.

BTW, Parker Brothers released an updated version of "Five Thousand"
in 1999 called "Risk 'n' Roll 2000."

 - Don Seagraves

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